distant healing

How many of us have heard the term 'distant' or 'absent healing' before and what is it?

Well, as the names 'distant' or 'absent' suggest, it means that there is a physical absence of the person from the healer. The process involved in this form of healing could be defined as thought-transference of energy or vibratory forces at work.

To gain a certain amount of understanding of this process we only need to consider various methods of communication, such as via the telephone for example.

Think of how your voice is broken down into a vibration whilst travelling along the telephone line and then being reconstructed as it reaches its destination.

Indeed, everything in the universe is subject to a vibratory rate including our own physical body's and as a general rule the higher our own vibrations become the better we feel.

This is why people who meditate get such beneficial effects, because it is during meditation that their vibratory rate increases. It has also been suggested that love is man's highest vibration and it is through sending thoughts of love and wishing others well that helps to stimulate healing energies which can be redirected to those who need them.

Many people seem to regard this form of healing as being second-rate. However, it must be emphasised that distant healing can be just as effective as contact healing. This has been demonstrated time and time again when no physical contact has been made yet people who were very ill have reported marked improvement and benefit from this type of healing intercession.

If you have know of someone who is in need of Spiritual Healing, please feel free to email me their name and general location i.e. John in Cornwall (please note I do not want their address). I will then add their details to my list and will include them when I send distant healing each day.

There is no charge for this service. However, feedback following distant healing is welcomed.

distant healing picture