self healing

The body knows naturally how to heal itself and given the right circumstances it can heal most things.

However, our genes, our environment and lifestyles all affect our body's healing processes.

At night when we sleep our body uses the resting time to heal itself. We can help this process by practicing self-healing every day, thus enhancing the body's own healing mechanism through the practice of energy healing tools.

self healing

Below is a guided visualisation which can assist you in self-healing. You can listen to it by clicking on the link above or you could record it yourself so that you can relax and enjoy it thoroughly.

First ensure that you are sitting or lying comfortably then just close your eyes and take a slow, deep, cleansing breath.

Hold it for the count of two and relax for you are going on a journey that will heal and relax you even further.

Take another slow, deep, cleansing breath, and as you let it go imagine that you are standing by a beautiful lake.

the lake is a most wondrous colour of blue

The lake is a most wondrous colour of blue and is surrounded and protected by mountains that stand proud and majestic.


To the right is a jetty to which your sailing boat is anchored. Notice the colour and shape of the sails and as you climb aboard make your way over to the sun deck and rest a while on one of the padded chairs. You can sit or lie down, whichever you prefer.


As the boat moves it begins to take you on your journey of self-healing and inner peace. Absorb the suns energy as it radiates light over your body and feel its warmth caress and comfort you as you relax even deeper.


The sun now begins to radiate a pink light which surrounds you. Feel the light go deep within your body, to every muscle, organ and nerve. Feel the light from the sun begin to pour into your body, starting at your toes, feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs and hips. If there is any tension in your lower back feel it drift away as the sun continues to pour its pink healing light within your abdomen, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers and it then continues up to your neck and head. Now feel the energy begin to pulsate within.


If there is any organ or part of your body which requires healing this will now take place as you desire to be well. Stay here for a little while feeling the waves lap gently around the boat. (10-15 mins)


Remember this inner peace, for this is a place you can visit at any time you desire. As the pink healing energy has now done its work the sun begins to set and you rise from your padded chair retaining health, strength, and inner peace. Disembark from the boat and as you do you will find yourself back in reality, back to the place where you started this journey. Now reconnect with your body, feel your feet on the ground and when you are ready open your eyes and have a good stretch.