Blanca, Littleborough, UK

Margaret gave me a very interesting reading relating mainly to my progress as a spiritual healer as well as to my most recent past life.

The account of my past life helped me make sense of a vivid dream I had six years ago. Since the reading I felt a new sense of peace because of this.

Margaret is warm, kind, understanding and needless to say very spiritually connected. A reading with her left me with lots of interesting information and a feeling of upliftment.


Natasha, Rishton, UK

I went for a reading with Margaret. I found she made me very relaxed with a calm welcome.

Her reading was excellent and most of the things in the reading have come true. I will definitely be going back for another reading in the future.


Charlotte, UK

My reading was extremely accurate. I can honestly say Margaret told me things she could never have known or guessed. I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring a genuine reading.


Craig, Lancashire, UK

I have known Margaret for many years and it has been my privilege to witness many of her channellings from Spirit.

I can say that I'm a stickler for accuracy via the readings and being a seeker of truth in a world full of Charlatans I can testify that Margaret is 'the real McCoy'. 

It was a great blessing for me when our paths crossed.

In fact, when we first met I was so taken by her honest and genuine nature I proposed a few years down the line and married her.

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